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2020 Summer Reading Program

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Escape from Sivad Yrarbil!

Join Sophie, Mateo, and Noah on the library adventure of a lifetime!

Chapter Heading

Chapter 1

Our story begins with “once upon a time,” because that is the way all the best stories begin.

So, once upon a time in a far off land called Davis County there lived .....

Chapter Heading

Chapter 2

After searching the house for the missing trunk, Sophie, Mateo, and Noah decided to search outside.  They all stopped to look around.  Then something flew by right in front of their f .....

Chapter Heading

Chapter 3

“We’ll just head back the way we came if you could give us some directions,” Sophie said to the Bear family.

“But you can’t get home the same way,& .....

Chapter Heading

Chapter 4

After meeting with the djinn, Sophie, Noah, and Mateo continued on their way.  As they walked, they looked at the objects they had received: a wooden bread box with a hinged lid, a dented .....

Chapter Heading

Chapter 5

“That frying pan sure came in handy against the kelpie,” Mateo said as the kids walked away from the lake. 

“I wonder what these other things can do.&rdqu .....

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