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  • 1433 North 1075 West, Suite 120
  • Farmington, 84025
Support and education for those struggling with addiction. Contact Utah Behavioral Health Solutions for more information.     
  • 1355 North Main Street, Suite 1
  • Bountiful, 84010
  • 801-259-3883
8-group sessions. You can continue with the next group if you would like. For more information contact Becky Andrews.
  • 251 S. Mountain Road
  • Fruit Heights, 84037
  • 801-309-8837

My life's work is to help engender hope in the lives of individuals and families and I've been doing this for 20 years. I graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology (1998) and Master's in Social Work (2002). I enjoy working with individuals and families who are strong and resilient, even if they don't recognize it in themselves or each other. People often come to see me when struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, chronic health concerns, compulsive or addictive behaviors, challenging life transitions (i.e. school and work change, relationship changes, grief and loss), and difficulty in peer and family relationships.

  • 447 North 300 West, Suite 7
  • Kaysville, 84037
  • 801-829-70087
I believe the counseling environment should be safe and supportive, a place where clients can explore their issues, examine alternatives, and reach healthful solutions. Clients find it very useful to be able to unburden in a comfortable, confidential, neutral setting. I have worked extensively with marital counseling, women's issues, the treatment of childhood abuse, dissociative disorders, anxiety, depression, parenting, self-esteem, and grief and loss. Trained and certified in EMDR, I have found this to be an extremely useful technique in resolving trauma. Clients have resolved both large and small issues such as sexual trauma, child abuse, and relationship problems. Major change can, at times, be experienced in just a few sessions.
  • 1371 North 1075 West, Suite 5
  • Farmington, 84025
  • 801-477-4927
Helping introverts who have social anxiety overcome their fears! Many introverts blame their paralysis in social situations on their personality. Crippling fear is social anxiety and can be overcome! Learn to fight your fear and utilize being an introvert for success. In this 6 week course you'll gain an understanding of your "enemy." Learn tactics to catch, challenge, and change your limiting beliefs. You will learn that being an introvert is a strength, and will enable you to overcome fear. Group is limited to 10 people and includes an individual session and text coaching. See website for meeting times and locations.
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  • 1371 North 1075 West, Suite 5
  • Farmington, 84025
  • 877-HERO-877
The Sons of Mosiah program is for missionaries in-field, preparing missionaries, missionaries released early, and returned missionaries geographically separated from Sons of Helaman face-to-face group options. Participation online through email groups, a certified on-line coach, and overseen by a licensed clinician. For more information use the contact information provided.
  • 1371 North 1075 West, Suite 5
  • Farmington, 84025
  • 877-HERO-877
The men of Moroni group works with grown men, married or single, who are dealing with pornography and/or sexual addiction. Men in this group support one another in strengthening their discernment skills. Email mofmbrothers@gmail.com for more information.
  • 2317 North Hill Field Road, Suite 103
  • Layton, 84041
  • 801-8964181
This class is a 2-hour presentation held monthly, based on public interest, designed to aid individuals and couples in becoming the peaceful and intentional parents they want to be. For more information or to reserve your spot, call the phone number provided.
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  • 1130 West Center Street
  • North Salt Lake, 84054
  • 855-968-8443
LifeLine for Youth is a family focused, residential treatment program that creates positive change using an evidence base, therapeutic community model and is strongly supported by empirical research. A multi-disciplinary team approach integrates education, individualized treatment planning, individual, group, and family therapy, health and nutrition, recreational activities, and structured aftercare/transition program. LifeLine is a research based proven alternative to other popular approaches like teen boot camps, therapeutic boarding schools for teens, or troubled youth wilderness programs.
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