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The Davis County budget is a representation of the priorities and goals of the community. The budget cycle runs January through December, with processes that are followed to meet the needs of the residents while maintaining a balanced budget.

County Budgets by Fiscal Year

These documents reflect the adopted Davis County budget. We hope it will strengthen your understanding of how the County is organized, the services it provides, and the sources of funding used to provide those services.

The tentative and final budget can be found by selecting the report year.

Tax Rates
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State Compliance Report

The State Compliance Reports provide the results of the annual independent audit that determines compliance with State Laws.

Annual Financial Report

The Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR) provides detailed information about the activities and financial position of Davis County.

Reports - lots of graphs

Popular Annual Financial Report

The Popular Annual Financial Report (PAFR) provides summary information about the financial position of Davis County.

Bank Reconciliations

Davis County maintains three types of bank accounts on behalf of its citizens. Each has a different purpose and is reconciled monthly by the Auditor’s office.

General Account: This is the County's general operating bank account.  Payments to and from the County flow through this account to sustain the County's daily operations. 

Collectors Account:  This account receives payments for property taxpayers on behalf of various taxing entities throughout the County.  Once taxes are due and paid, they are then distributed to the taxing entities.  

Custodial Account: The County may act as a fiduciary  for individuals who, for various reasons, require the County to hold their funds. The primary accounts in this category are funds held for individuals in custody in the County Jail.