Risk Management

Davis County is a member of the Utah Counties Indemnity Pool. The indemnity pool is made up of 27 counties of the State. The Risk Management Division of Davis County is under the direction of the Human Resources Department.

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If a claim for an auto accident or general liability involving Davis County is to be filed, the information should be directed to:


Pretrial Services

Pretrial Services is an agency within the Davis County criminal justice system that provides an alternative to incarceration for defendants booked into jail while awaiting trial.

Our Mission

To promote pretrial justice in Davis County by assisting in judicial pretrial release decisions and endorsing least restrictive conditions consistent with court appearance and community safety.

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Equal Opportunity Employer

Davis County is an equal opportunity employer and complies with federal reporting requirements. Because we receive grants from the Department of Justice (DOJ), we are required to complete an Equal Employment Opportunity Plan (EEOP.) This report shows the demographics of our workforce compared to the available workforce in Davis County. The report also describes Davis County’s efforts to address areas identified as underutilized. The report is public and may be viewed at the Human Resources’ front desk. If you have any questions about this report, please contact Human Resources at 801-451-3415 .


Career Opportunities

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Our Policies

Learn more about our policies here at Davis County.

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Employee Forms

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Job Descriptions

Here you will be able to view a list of Davis County job descriptions.

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Our Policies

Title Type Size
Alphabetical Index pdf 14 KB Download Alphabetical Index
Appointment Rate 380 pdf 46 KB Download Appointment Rate 380
Background Investigations 455 pdf 13 KB Download Background Investigations 455
Blood Borne Pathogens 330 pdf 72 KB Download Blood Borne Pathogens 330
Classification Adjustments 400 pdf 13 KB Download Classification Adjustments 400
Code of Conduct pdf 32 KB Download Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct Volunteers pdf 105 KB Download Code of Conduct Volunteers
Computer Usage 465 pdf 90 KB Download Computer Usage 465
Conduct 240 pdf 47 KB Download Conduct 240
Corrective & Disciplinary Action 250 pdf 719 KB Download Corrective & Disciplinary Action 250
Definitions 100 pdf 190 KB Download Definitions 100
Disclaimer 050 pdf 10 KB Download Disclaimer 050
Drug Free Workplace 340 pdf 60 KB Download Drug Free Workplace 340
Drug Free Workplace Testing 350 pdf 342 KB Download Drug Free Workplace Testing 350
Early Retiree Benefits 170 pdf 14 KB Download Early Retiree Benefits 170
Employee Assistance Program 200 pdf 12 KB Download Employee Assistance Program 200
Employment Modifications and Accommodations 145 pdf 545 KB Download Employment Modifications and Accommodations 145
Employment Of Relatives 290 pdf 47 KB Download Employment Of Relatives 290
Equal Employment Opportunity 280 pdf 52 KB Download Equal Employment Opportunity 280
FMLA 155 pdf 558 KB Download FMLA 155
Hearing Conservation Program 325 pdf 78 KB Download Hearing Conservation Program 325
Identification Badges 105 pdf 10 KB Download Identification Badges 105
Insurance #150 pdf 488 KB Download Insurance #150
Leave Benefits 140 pdf 249 KB Download Leave Benefits 140
Occupational Safety And Health 320 pdf 72 KB Download Occupational Safety And Health 320
Outside Employment 270 pdf 13 KB Download Outside Employment 270
Pay Plan 370 pdf 54 KB Download Pay Plan 370
Payroll Procedures 430 pdf 535 KB Download Payroll Procedures 430
Performance Evaluations 260 pdf 560 KB Download Performance Evaluations 260
Personnel Action Procedures 360 pdf 10 KB Download Personnel Action Procedures 360
Preventing Harassment & Discrimination 300 pdf 199 KB Download Preventing Harassment & Discrimination 300
Preventing Workplace Violence 355 pdf 12 KB Download Preventing Workplace Violence 355
Probation Probationary Protocols 175 pdf 575 KB Download Probation Probationary Protocols 175
Professionalism Courtesy and Respect in the Workplace 103 pdf 724 KB Download Professionalism Courtesy and Respect in the Workplace 103
References and Forms 450 pdf 88 KB Download References and Forms 450
Resignation 440 pdf 7 KB Download Resignation 440
Retirement 160 pdf 110 KB Download Retirement 160
Salary Adjustments 410 pdf 54 KB Download Salary Adjustments 410
Time and Attendance 220 pdf 699 KB Download Time and Attendance 220
Training 310 pdf 56 KB Download Training 310
Transportation 210 pdf 153 KB Download Transportation 210
Volunteers 490 pdf 30 KB Download Volunteers 490
Workers Compensation 190 pdf 100 KB Download Workers Compensation 190