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Davis County is home to the Freeport Center, the largest distribution center in the United States with more than nine million square feet of covered storage and five million square feet of open storage. The Freeport Industrial Complex is occupied by more than 125 renowned companies. For information on contacting the Freeport Center and other buildings available for sale/lease, please contact the Davis County Department of Community and Economic Development or a business realtor. 
"Online" property tax payment is a service provided by the State of Utah, and is subject to state policies and fees. Davis County has no control over the fees charged by the state.

Although Davis County does not run the online tax payment systems and thus cannot speak on behalf of the state, we felt it appropriate to mention that online credit card processing is not free. The state incurs several fees for every online credit card transaction that they process. For credit card transactions in the range of hundreds or even thousands of dollars (such as a property tax payment) these fees are not small. The processing fee that the state charges for online payments is most likely an effort to recover money lost to credit card processing fees.

For the present, unfortunately, plat maps are not available online. To get plat maps you will have to come in to the Davis County Recorder's Office at the county building in Farmington.
That depends on the type of property that you are referring to:
  • Real Property
    Real Property refers to land and improvements (such as structures and buildings). Real property appeals are handled by the Davis County Clerk/Auditor's Department (see "Contact Info" on the Clerk/Auditor's website).
  • Personal Property
    Personal property refers to possessions, such as airplanes, mobile homes, and business furniture/physical assets.
    • Business Personal Property
      Appeals of the valuation of personal property owned by businesses are handled by the Davis County Clerk/Auditor's Department (see "Contact Info" on the Clerk/Auditor website for more info).
    • Non-Business Personal Property
      Appeals of the valuation of non-business personal property are handled by the Davis County Assessor's Office (see "Appeals" on the Personal Property section of the Assessor's website. To contact the Assessor's Office, see "Contact Info" on the Assessor's website).
Davis County provides two ways to look up property information / tax information on the internet:
  1. Davis County Recorder's Office Property Information Search
    In conjunction with the Davis County Treasurer's Office, the Davis County Recorder's Office provides basic information about taxable properties in Davis County via the Property Information Seach, found at http://www.daviscountyutah.gov/recorder/property_search/property_search.cfm. Please notice that tax-exempt properties are not listed on the Property Information Search.
  2. Subscription Service
    The Davis County Information Systems Department provides a subscription service, REDI Web, that allows business to access comprehensive land and tax information directly over the internet. This service is intended for use by businesses, but can be accessed by individuals as well. The subscription service involves setup, monthly, and usage fees. For more information, please contact the Davis County Information Systems Department at (801) 451-3347. 
Like most Utah counties along the western edge of the rockies, and the Wasatch Front, Davis County boasts some excellent hiking and biking opportunities. For more information, visit the trails section of our website.
Contact the Davis County Commission (see "Contact Info" on the Commission website). 
If your business is in a Davis County city:
If you're business is in a Davis County city, please contact the city that you will be doing business in. Business licenses are handled by the city in which you will be doing business.

If your business is in an unincorporated area of Davis County:
Please contact the Davis County Department of Community and Economic Development. Contact Information is available on the Economic Development website. 

Nope. While there is occasionally some talk in Washington about possibly closing a few US military bases, Hill Air Force Base has never been identified as a base under consideration for closure or major reduction in force.
Marriage Licenses are issued by the Davis County Clerk/Auditor's Department. More details on obtaining a marriage license/certificate and the Clerk/Auditor's contact information are available at the Clerk/Auditor's website. 
Neither the state nor the county attempts to maintain a registry of any/all religious officials in the state/county. However according to the Utah Code, marriages my be solemnized by ministers, rabbis, priests, etc. who are in regular communion with any religious society. Title 30 ("HUSBAND AND WIFE"), Chapter 1 ("MARRIAGE"), paragraph 6 ("Who may solemnize marriages - Certificate.") from the 1998 Utah Code is quoted below with some emphasis added:
  1. Marriages may be solemnized by the following persons only:
    1. ministers, rabbis, or priests of any religious denomination who are:
      1. in regular communion with any religious society; and
      2. 18 years of age or older;
    2. Native American spiritual advisors;
    3. the governor;
    4. mayors and municipalities;
    5. a justice, judge, or commissioner of a court of record;
    6. a judge of a court not of record of the state;
    7. judges or magistrates of the United States;
    8. the county clerk of any county in the state, if the clerk chooses to solemnize marriages;
    9. the president of the senate;
    10. the speaker of the House of Representatives; or
    11. a judge or magistrate who holds office in Utah when retired, under rules set by the Supreme Court.
  2. A person authorized under Subsection (1) who solemnizes a marriage shall give to the couple married a certificate of marriage that shows the:
    1. name of the county from which the license is issued; and
    2. date of the license's issuance.

(1998 Utah Code, 30-1-6, emphasis added) 

Davis County utilizes the State of Utah’s Contract List as its bid list. Information for Utah State Purchasing may be found at: http://www.purchasing.utah.gov/.

Vendors desiring to send product or company information to Davis County may address it to:

Davis County Purchasing
P.O. Box 618
Farmington, UT 84025-0618

You can look up your polling location by using the Voter Registration Lookup, provided by the Davis County Clerk/Auditor's Department, Elections Division. The Voter Registration Lookup is located at the following address: http://www1.daviscountyutah.gov/clerk-auditor/. Or, you can contact the Elections Clerk directly (see "Contact Info" on the Clerk/Auditor's website for information on contacting the Clerk/Auditor's Office.)
During election years, Davis County posts basic candidate info (name, party, contact info, etc.) on the county website. See Candidate Info, on the Clerk/Auditor website, under "Elections". Candidate Information is posted after candidates register their declaration of candidacy. 
Birth and death certificates are maintained by the Vital Records division of the Davis County Health Department (see "Contact Info" on the Health Department website for information on contacting the Health Department). 
Divorce issues are handled by the Utah District Court system. There are multiple district court offices in Davis County. For contact information, you can visit http://www.utcourts.gov/directory/.
Yes. Drivers Licenses are issued and renewed by the Utah Department of Public Safety, Driver License Division. For locations and contact information of Driver License offices, please see http://driverlicense.utah.gov/.

Yes, it is $2 per individual or $5 - Per Family (Up to 5 in a household additional family members are $1 more)

Deals are below

Wednesday: Kids are $1 Off

Thursday: Veterans and Seniors (65+) are $1 Off

Friday: Teachers are $1 Off

Saturday: Public Servants are $1 Off

Chevron's Food Drive for Open Doors:

Friday and Saturday: Bring 2 Food Items, get $1 off per individual, or $1 off family fee (limits may apply).

We're glad that you are concerned about the mosquitos--we are too! According to the Davis County Health Department website, "Ornamental ponds are a major source for the [West Nile Virus] carrying house mosquito, Culex pipiens."

The Davis County Health Department recommends that you "Call Mosquito Abatement District-Davis at (801) 544-3736 and ask for tiny, mosquito-larvae eating fish." This is a free service for Davis County residents.

For more information, please see the Mosquito Abatement District-Davis website at: http://www.davismosquito.org/. Also, you are encouraged to visit the West Nile Virus Info portion of the Davis County Health Department website. 

Individuals that work in facilities that prepare or serve food are required to obtain a Utah Food Handler Permit. Permits are obtained after successfully completing an in-person or on-line state approved training course.

Food Handler information can be found on Health Department’s Environmental Health Food Handler Page

A good place to start is the Davis County Jail Inmate Roster. The Inmate Roster is found on the Sheriff's Office website, under Corrections. The Roster is usually updated about once an hour, and lists all current inmates.

If you don't find what you are looking for there, you may want to call the Davis County Jail. Much information about inmates is public information, and the jail staff can answer many questions you may have about who is in the jail, how to contact them, etc. The phone number for the jail is available on the Sheriff's Office website, under "Corrections". 

There are two ways to put money onto an inmates account. You can visit the jail in person, Monday thru Friday and put money on the account in person. Or, send by certified check to the Davis County Jail at:

Davis County Jail
Inmate's Name
P.O. Box 130
Farmington, Utah 84025

Be sure to put the inmates name. It is also helpful if you have the inmates booking number

Yes. Inmates are permitted to receive mail at the Davis County Jail.

To send mail to an inmate:
(1) include a complete return mailing address with a full name, and
(2) use the following mailing address:

      Inmate’s Full Name
      c/o Davis County Corrections
      P.O. Box 130
      Farmington, UT 84025
Small Claims are handled by the Davis County Justice Court. The phone number for the Justice Court is (801) 451-4488. Additionally, you can access information and small claims forms at http://www.utcourts.gov/howto/smallclaims/
Who you should contact depends on the court to which you are on call for jury duty. Jurors are assigned to courts by the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC). The AOC should be able to tell you the court that you were assigned to. phone number for the AOC is: (801) 578-3800. The majority of Jury trials in Davis County are handled by the Utah District Court. You can get contact information for the nearest District Court at: http://www.utcourts.gov/directory/. Jury trials are also occasionally held by the Davis County Justice Court. You can contact the Justice Court at (801) 451-4488.
The Utah District Court website has an informative webpage on jury service titled "Selected to Serve - A Guide to Jury Service". You can visit that website at http://www.utcourts.gov/courts/dist/jury/selserve.htm
Good question. The difference is that District Court is a state agency, while Justice Court is run by the county. There are several District Court offices in Davis County, but only one Justice Court. The reason for two courts is that they fulfill two very different, but necessary functions. District Court handles the full spectrum of legal issues (civil, felony, misdemeanor, divorce, custody, probate, misdemeanor, etc.) District court contact information and locations are available at http://www.utcourts.gov/directory/. Justice Court handles a more limited range of issues such as traffic violations, class A misdemeanors, and small claims. If you have a legal issue other than those listed here, you probably want to contact the District Court. While the scope of Justice Court is much more limited than District Court, county Justice Courts processes a large number of cases, freeing the District Court to focus on larger issues.
Davis County Deparment of Community and Economic Development has a few pins and patches used for tourism and promotional purposes. Items cost between $2-$5. Please see "Contact Info" on the Economic Development webpage.

The Davis County Sheriff's Office would be happy to send you a patch for a small fee. For more information, please see "Contact Info" on the Sheriff's Office webpage. 

You bet! The Davis County Department of Community and Economic Development has a travel planner with lots of pictures and information on things to do in Davis County. You can request a Travel Planner online by going to the Economic Development website, and clicking on "Request a Free Davis County/Great Salt Lake Travel Planner". Or, you can contact the Department of Community and Economic Development directly (see "Contact Info" on the Economic Development website). 
Thank you! It is always nice to get positive feedback. However if the website is extensive and useful, it is only because of the combined efforts of Davis County staff and elected officials. The information on this website has been contributed by employees in almost every department. We realize that Interacting with government agencies can seem like a daunting or confusing experience, but Davis County is fortunate to have dedicated employees and elected officials who continually strive to answer your questions, demystify the processes and purposes of government agencies, and serve the public. One of our concerns is to be sure that we make available as much useful information as possible about your county government. If you have any other comments or questions, please let us know.

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