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The Disease Control and Prevention Bureau works with community partners to detect, control, and prevent communicable diseases in Davis County.

The Disease Control and Prevention Division works in partnership with the medical community and neighboring health districts to control and prevent the occurrence and spread of communicable diseases.  This is accomplished through disease surveillance, disease investigation, coordination of prevention efforts, treatment, education, training, and policy development.  Program activities include:

  • Interruption/containment of communicable diseases within the community
  • Disease surveillance for >75 reportable diseases/syndromes
  • Education to infected/exposed citizens
  • Facilitation of appropriate treatment and preventive therapy
  • Implementation of measures that protect the community (e.g. isolation)
  • Development of policies to address priority health issues

To carry out these activities, the Division is divided into the following programs:



The STD/HIV program provides services to individuals infected with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). STD testing, treatment and education is available.

Tuberculosis (TB) Control

The Davis County Tuberculsois (TB) Control program is dedicated to the prevention, control, and elimination of TB disease/infection.


Infectious Disease

Utah law requires that certain human diseases be reported to the local health department. The reporting comes from laboratories, physicians, clinics, and sometimes from citizens. Find information about reportable diseases and common infectious disease topics.


Epidemiology is involved in preventing and controlling the spread of communicable diseases by monitoring and establishing surveillance systems; determining the occurrence and severity of infectious diseases; and conducting timely investigations. Find disease statistics and outbreak identification and control information.

Medical Providers

Healthcare Professionals & Medical Providers

Find information about disease reporting, public health updates, treatment guidelines, etc.

Administrative Staff

Wendy Garcia, Division Director

Sarah Willardson, Bureau Manager

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Communicable Disease Control & Prevention

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