Deputy Sheriff/Paramedic I Part-Time

Open Date:November 21, 2018
Salary Range:$19.09 to $29.49/hour (salary commensurate with qualifications/experience)
Minimum Age:21
Number of Openings:1
Employment Type:Part-Time


Applicants must already be Paramedic and LEO Certified to be considered for a part-time Deputy Sheriff/Paramedic position.


Job Description

General Purpose
Under close supervision from a Sergeant, performs entry level emergency medical services and
law enforcement duties for Davis County.
Example of Duties
Responds to emergencies; secures scene; protects evidence; assists agencies in hazardous or
critical situations, as needed; may act as scene coordinator and direct emergency support
agencies to utilize available support personnel, equipment, and resources.
Administers prehospital treatment, i.e., advanced cardiac life support and advanced trauma life
support, etc.; identifies signs and symptoms; administers treatment and medication; observes
patient for adverse affects of medication or other treatment; maintains proper life support until
patient is transferred to emergency care facility.
Transmits messages on two way radio system to physicians, medical facilities, and dispatch
center using proper medical and professional radio procedures.
Maintains medical equipment; reviews drug and equipment inventory each shift to ensure proper
control and inventory; ensures proper maintenance is performed on all equipment; ensures
equipment is clean and functional.
Obtains emergency medical education each year as required for re-certification by the Utah
Department of Health, Bureau of Emergency Medical Services.
Presents public relations programs to citizen groups, schools, and communities projecting a
positive image of the Davis County Sheriff Office (DCSO) and its services, as needed.
Develops and maintains a geographical awareness of Davis County enabling a response time of
no longer than four minutes.
Enforces local and state laws including traffic codes. Conducts routine street patrol to determine
the presence of actual or potential crime situations; controls and directs vehicle traffic and issues

citations for vehicle code violations.
Initiates inquiries concerning possible law violations of adults or juveniles; obtains, presents,
verifies, and analyzes factual information and other evidence; makes arrests by determining if
there is probable cause; identifies the suspect; takes suspect into custody and informs suspect of
his civil rights.
Responds to requests from citizens for information and assistance; resolves disputes; refers
individuals to the proper agencies and provides other types of guidance, etc.
Prepares reports, issues memos, and writes correspondence which are both intra and
interdepartmental in nature; appears in court and before other legal and quasilegal bodies and
gives oral testimony regarding investigations, arrests, and other information of which he/she has
Conducts searches; examines individuals, vehicles, and buildings to locate persons and property
or to detect illegal activity; transports people, prisoners or materials as needed; serves civil and
subpoena papers and/or arrest warrants; assists in property seizures.
Opens and closes sessions of court, as directed by the judge; maintains order and courtroom
decorum, as directed; maintains court security; conducts physical searches, when required;
notifies selected citizens of upcoming jury duty; oversees security of the jury room when jury is
sequestered; provides necessary materials to jury; relays messages between jury and the court.
Safely and effectively operates an emergency vehicle according to departmental and EVO
policy. Effectively utilize lethal and non-lethal weapons in compliance with DCSO policies and
Operates a motor vehicle in a safe manner and in compliance with all Utah laws and regulations.
Education and Experience

High School graduation or equivalent.

Career Ladder:  This position is part of a career ladder job series.  Incumbents in this
classification will be considered for the highest level posted for which they qualify.

Special Qualifications

To be considered for a part-time Deputy Sheriff/Paramedic position, applicants:

Must possess an active LEO certification in the state of Utah; must maintain certification and complete required annual training.

Must possess a valid Paramedic Certification issued by the Utah Bureau of Emergency Medical Services, or a Paramedic Certification from the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians.

Note: Applicants with a certification from the National Registry must acquire and present to the Human Resources Office a Paramedic Certification issued by the Utah Bureau of Emergency Medical Services prior to hire date. Employment is contingent upon possession of a valid Paramedic Certification issued by the Utah Bureau of Emergency Medical Services.

Must pass the Davis County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO) background investigation. As
part of the background investigation, the DCSO requests that all applicants submit to a
pre-employment eye detect evaluation.
Must be at least 21 years of age (State statute requirement).
Must be a United States citizen (State statute requirement).
Must pass the Davis County Sheriff’s Office Physical Fitness Standard prior to
employment and for POST certification. Must pass the physical fitness test annually.
Employees driving a personal or a County vehicle for job related travel must possess a
valid driver license and must operate a motor vehicle in a safe manner; new employees
with an out-of-state license must obtain a valid Utah Driver License within sixty (60) days
of hire date (exceptions for military personnel and their dependents).
Employees driving a personal vehicle while on county business must maintain the
minimum vehicle liability insurance as specified in the Utah Code.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
Working knowledge of: medical supplies and equipment; medical terminology and
procedures; advanced life support procedures; triage, treatment and patient transport
protocols; police terminology and practices; criminal and traffic laws; courtroom
procedures and terminology; ethical principles; self-defense principles and tactics.
Skill in the use of: firearms and police equipment; emergency medical services
supplies and equipment.
This position may require the driving of a motor vehicle; skill in operating a motor
vehicle in a safe manner; ability to insure motor vehicle is operating in a safe manner;
knowledge of Utah motor vehicle rules and regulations.
Ability to: perform complex diagnostic and emergency medical procedures; pass
written, oral, and physical fitness examinations; make rapid and sound decisions under
 pressure; make arrests; remain alert and react to unexpected situations and emergencies;
handle high levels of personal stress and maintain composure under a variety of adverse
conditions, including verbal and physical abuse, witnessing death and critical injuries
and experiencing risk of personal harm; collect and rapidly assimilate facts; examine
witnesses effectively; restrain unruly persons; maintain confidences; establish and
maintain effective working relationships with supervisors, other employees, legal
counsel, judicial officials, other agencies, and the general public; follow written and
oral instructions; communicate effectively (orally and in writing).

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