Being Babysat Vs. the Babysitters!

by Paul Astin | Oct 06, 2016
MrsNoodlekugelMrs. Noodlekugel
by Daniel Pinkwater
Nick and Maxine have a new babysitter who has a talking cat and four mice. Great fun for beginning readers and those who enjoy surprises!

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UniverseOfFairUniverse of Fair
by Leslie Bulion
Miller, hoping to attend the town fair on his own, ends up babysitting his six year old sister and her friends. Just wait till the trouble begins.

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GabbyDuranUnsittablesGabby Duran and the Unsittables
by Elise Allen
Gabby Duran is twelve years old and a fantastic babysitter. She is good enough to be recruited by A.L.I.E.N. to babysit the Unsittables...children of extraterrestrials who are living on earth.

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LulusMysteriousMissionLulu's Mysterious Mission
by Judith Viorst
Lulu's parents go on vacation, leaving Lulu with a BABYSITTER! But Sonia Sofia Solinsky is not just any babysitter. She is about to involve Lulu in a Mysterious Mission.... or is she?

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by Josh Lacey
Your family has been asked to babysit for your uncle - but it's not a's a DRAGON! Enjoy the mischief as Eddie and his family learn many things about dragons - especially this one.

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