Playing Outside the Lines

by Paul Astin | Feb 07, 2017
Classical instruments, modern styles. These musicians add a new twist to their traditional talent by ranging across rock, pop, film scores, heavy metal, and electric reinterpretations of classical music.
PianoGuysArtist: The Piano Guys

These Utah musicians garnered national attention by becoming a Youtube sensation. 

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2CellosArtist: 2Cellos

This Croatian duo performs lively cello renditions of rock and pop music.

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ApocalypticaArtist: Apocalyptica

Metallica tribute, arranged for four cellos. A Finnish heavy metal quartet.

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TransSiberianOrchestraArtist: Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Bring on the electric Beethoven. This American progressive rock band works mainly with classical or Christmas-themed music, amping it up into an epic spectacle.

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