Watch For Witches!

by Paul Astin | Feb 14, 2017
CastleHangnailCastle Hangnail
by Ursula Vernon
Castle Hangnail desperately needs a new master. The invitations are sent, but no one is prepared when Molly, a twelve year old witch, shows up to take over. Be ready for one surprise after another.

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WhisperingToWitchesWhispering to Witches
by Anna Dale
An exciting and entertaining adventure full of witchy ink, friendly wind sprites, and broomstick rides across the night sky...

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WitchesThe Witches
by Roald Dahl
What group wears masks, square-toed shoes and plans to turn all the world's children into mice? The Witches....of course!

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CurseOfTheChocolatePhoenixCurse of the Chocolate Phoenix
by Kate Saunders
Enchantment runs riot in this tale about three siblings and their fight against the witch, Alba, and her wicked sisters.

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