Read Aloud and LOL!

by Ellen Peterson | Feb 01, 2021

These hilarious read alouds will keep you and your children laughing, and maybe learning a little too.

The Book with No Pictures!
by B.J. Novak

Exactly what the title suggests. BUT this one doesn't need illustrations. Each page is filled with a variety of fonts that both teach your child the way reading works, and has them laughing. Be prepared you'll be reading this again and again.

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Bonus: Read the eBook!


A is for Salad
by Mike Lester

A fun alphabet book which tests the readers ability to correctly identify the letter and sound. Each page has a picture of an animal for the letter (A is an alligator eating a salad), then suggests that something else in the picture is what the letter actually stands for (A is for Salad).

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Count the Monkeys
by Mac Barnett

An interactive book filled with wonderful illustrations and silly things to count, even monkeys (if you can find them).

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Bonus: Read it in Chinese!


This Book Just Ate My Dog!
by Richard Byrne

Tells the hilariously tragic story of a dog eating book. Don't despair, it will be rescued!

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by Oliver Jeffers

The tale of an unfortunate kid who's kite gets stuck in a tree. He tries to solve the problem but things just keep getting worse.

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We Are in a Book
by Mo Willems

Among the amusing Elephant and Piggie series. In this one Piggie and Gerald learn they are in a book, and have a great time making the reader say silly things. It is a Theodore Geisel award winner.

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Mother, Mother I Want Another
by Maria Polushkin Robbins

Tells of a bedtime that goes amiss, when baby mouse keeps asking for another mother. This is a great way of learning about how the things we say can be misunderstood.

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I Am Not a Chair!
By Ross Burach

About a giraffe who keeps being mistaken for a chair. Which makes him feel invisible, until his invisibility proves to be an invaluable protection in the animal kingdom.

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