by Ellen Peterson | Apr 20, 2021

Starring Himesh Patel and Lily James

Jack Malik was just another struggling songwriter... but that was yesterday. After a mysterious blackout, Jack discovers he is the only person on earth who remembers The Beatles! As he rockets to fame by passing off the Fab Four's songs as his own, Jack risks losing Ellie--the one person who has loved him and believed in him from the start. Before the door to his old life closes forever, Jack must decide if all he needs is love, after all.

I love this movie so much! Not only is the music great (hello, Beatles!) but the story is sweet and uplifting. There are moments of laughter and hilarity, as well as touching moments of truth and revelation. We may think we know what we want and what would make us happy, but often what truly will is right in front of us.

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