The Sidewalks of New York

by Ellen Peterson | Apr 26, 2021

What was life like at the turn of the Twentieth Century in New York City?

All-of-a Kind Family
by Sydney Taylor

A story of a Jewish family who are called all-of-a-kind because they were all girls--five girls. They celebrate Jewish holidays, collect 35 cents for a nice gift for their father, and spend an eventful day at Coney Island. There is even a little romance!

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Roller Skates
by Ruth Sawyer

Roller Skates is about Lucinda's adventures in New York City in the 1890s . Lucinda's mother leaves with her father for a year to improve her health in Europe. Lucinda is left with Miss Peters, who is her guardian for the year. Miss Peters understands that 10 year old girls need freedom to ride around New York on their roller skates. Lucinda spends the year gathering friends everywhere she skates--and growing up as well.

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