Do You Like Big Numbers?

by Ellen Peterson | May 24, 2021

These books are about huge numbers and about a mathematician who loved numbers.

A Hundred Billion Trillion Stars
by Seth Fishman

Did you know that the earth is covered by 3 trillion trees? Furthermore, the weight of 7 billion people equals the weight of 10 quadrillion ants. The author writes large numbers and also includes how to say them! But even with so many big numbers, the author reminds us of a small number--one. And that stands for YOU.

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Millions, Billions, and Trillions
by David Alder

Shows some practical ways to imagine numbers. You might not know that it takes about 11 1/2 days to count to a million, but it takes 32 years to count to a billion. And if you have a trillion dollars in $100 bills, the stack will be 7 miles high. Did you know that you can't count to a trillion? It would take too long.

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The Boy Who Loved Math
by Deborah Heiligman 

This is about a genius named Paul Erdos who loved numbers from the time he was a little boy growing up in Hungary. Paul couldn't do basic household tasks like get dressed by himself or cut his meat, but if you told him when you were born, he could figure out (in his head) how many seconds you had been alive. Besides, the story, you will also enjoy the illustrations showing math equations, prime numbers, and pictures of mathematicians.

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