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Sandbag Station

Sandbags are currently available at the Davis County Public Works Facility office located at 1500 East 650 North in Fruit Heights. The sandbags are available to residents that have property along creeks or flood control channels throughout Davis County. Bags are available in the main office Monday - Friday, 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM. Sand is available outside the main gate 24/7. There is a limit of 20 sandbags per address. Please bring gloves and a shovel to fill the sandbags with. Instructions for filling and placing sandbags are available at the sandbag station or by downloading our Sandbag Instructions sheet.

Dump Truck

Citizens Request Link

General questions or potential problems can be submitted to Davis County Public Works by using the Citizens Request Link. Please note that Davis County does not provide any utilities or services such as water, sewer and trash collection. Questions about these utilities and services should be forwarded to individual cities.


Excavation Permit 

An excavation permit is required for any work done in or on a County right-of-way.

Excavation Permit

Flood Control Permit 

This permit is issued for the limited purpose of certifying that plans and specifications filed by the applicant meet the Davis County Flood Control Master Plan requirements.

Flood Control Permit

Storm Water Coalition

The Storm water Coalition is a collaboration of cities, companies, and citizens gathered to improve storm water quality in Davis County through public outreach and education. Monthly work meetings are open to the public and input can be submitted in person or via email or phone.

As a group we combine resources, coordinate activities, share information and responsibilities to reach mutual goals. Our target pollutants are silt & sediment, construction waste, fertilizers & pesticides, oils & fuels and trash & debris. Our target audiences are construction contractors, residents, high-pollution potential businesses, land developers and municipal employees.


Storm Water

Storm water is rain and snow melt that runs off surfaces such as rooftops, paved streets, highways, and parking lots. Storm water carries sediment, oil, grease, nitrogen, phosphorus, and other pollutants into storm drains and then, untreated, into nearby water bodies. Because most storm water drainage systems provide no treatment, preventing contamination of storm water is crucial to ensure that pollutants do not enter waterways. Improperly managed storm water runoff is also a leading cause of flooding, which can lead to property damage, cause road safety hazards, and clog catch basins and culverts with sediment and debris.

DCSWC Public Education & Outreach on Storm Water
Please use this website to learn more about storm water and the Davis County Storm water Coalition.

Household Hazardous Wastes are common to our homes and workplace but must be carefully handled and disposed to unsure that unintended circumstances do not occur.

Chemicals such as cleaners, cosmetics, medicine, and automotive fluids are just a few examples of these wastes that must be properly handled. Batteries, fluorescent light bulbs, and thermometers are some of the objects that should be carefully disposed of to avoid dangerous exposure to chemicals contained within the products.

Household Hazardous Waste Fact Sheet



Spills Hotline  (801) 451-3296
Bountiful City  (801) 298-6125
Centerville City  (801) 292-8232
Clearfield City  (801) 525-2788
Clinton City  (801) 774-2690
Farmington City  (801) 451-2383
Fruit Heights City  (801) 546-0861
Hill Air Force Base  (801) 775-3652
Kaysville City  (801) 544-1363
Layton City  (801) 336-3700
North Salt Lake City  (801) 335-8700
South Weber City    (801) 479-3177
South Weber City  (801) 479-3177
Sunset City  (801) 614-0014
Syracuse City  (801) 825-7235
West Bountiful City (801) 292-4486
West Point City   (801) 776-0971
Woods Cross City  (801) 292-4421
DC Public Works (801) 444-2230


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