IMPORTANT NOTICE: Effective Monday, March 30, 2020, in an effort to maintain critical government services and to protect the health of the public and our employees, Treasurer services will be provided by phone, email/online or appointments only. Please call 801-451-3243 for assistance or for IVR (telephone) payments 801-784-3608  


Why did I receive a tax notice if my MORTGAGE COMPANY is supposed to pay my taxes?
There is a statement on the TAX NOTICE that says I can pay my property taxes on-line. What credit cards are accepted?
Why is the credit card fee so high on the on-line payment option?
If I pay after the deadline, how much will it cost me?
When did Davis County stop collecting motor vehicle fees?
I filed an appeal of the value on my property after I received the VALUATION NOTICE and I haven't heard anything. Does this TAX NOTICE mean my appeal was denied?
I don't have secondary or irrigation water, so why do I pay taxes to Weber Basin Water?
I just purchased the property earlier this year. Am I responsible to pay for these taxes for the entire year?
Why is the address on the envelope for my tax payment to you in Salt Lake City?
Can I pay delinquent taxes on-line?
My Mortgage Company told me they deducted my taxes from my escrow several days or weeks ago. Why does Davis County not show my taxes paid?
I would like information about making monthly prepayments on my property taxes.
When are property taxes for Davis County due?
What period do the property taxes cover?
If I am mailing my tax payment, when must the payment be sent?

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