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Requirements for a Review

  1. The conviction must have occurred in Second District Court and the case must have been prosecuted by the Davis County Attorney’s Office; OR the conviction occurred in another jurisdiction and the head of the prosecuting agency in that jurisdiction requests a review by the Davis County CIU based on a conflict of interest or because they have not established a Conviction Integrity Unit and the Davis County Attorney and the Davis County CIU consent;

  1. The conviction must be for a felony offense;

  1. The convicted offender must be a living person;

  1. The direct appeal process must be completed. There must be no further opportunities for post-conviction remedy act (PCRA) filings under applicable law.
    Applying for a Conviction Integrity Unit Review is not a substitute for the post-conviction remedy act process;

  1. Priority will be given to those cases in which the applicant is currently incarcerated solely for the crime for which he or she claims actual innocence or the incarceration for that crime will extend beyond the time the applicant is also incarcerated on any other conviction.

  1. The application for review must be based on credible and verifiable evidence of innocence, or new technologies that exist to test or retest remaining relevant evidence;

  1. The applicant must agree to fully cooperate with the Conviction Review Unit, which includes waiving all procedural safeguards and privileges, as well as agreeing to provide full disclosure regarding all inquiry requirements of the Conviction Review Unit;

  1. A convicted offender can submit a request on his or her own or through counsel.  If the convicted offender is represented by counsel, all communication with the Conviction Review Unit must be through counsel; and

  1. The Conviction Review Unit retains the discretion to review any case if it is in the interest of justice to do so.

Conviction Integrity Unit Policy

It is a prosecutor’s duty to protect the innocent before, during, and after trial. The Conviction Integrity Unit (CIU) reviews and investigates post-conviction claims of innocence and makes recommendations to the County Attorney about the disposition of those claims. The CIU is comprised of a Conviction Unit Chief and a Conviction Review Panel.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the Conviction Integrity Unit is only associated with the Davis County Attorney’s Office.
No, the Conviction Integrity Unit is associated with the Davis County Attorney’s Office.  Members of the Conviction Integrity Unit cannot offer you legal advice.  If you are seeking legal advice, you should consider hiring counsel, contacting the public defender’s office, or seek assistance from the Innocence Project.
Whether you have an attorney is your choice.  The Conviction Integrity Unit will review every application submitted.
Please review the Application Criteria.  If you meet the criteria, submit an Application.
After the Conviction Integrity Unit has reviewed your materials, you will be contacted.  The Conviction Integrity Unit does not guarantee a response within a certain timeframe due to the amount of time required in every application.  If you have any questions, you can submit a question on the Contact Us link provided on this website.


Requisitos para una revisión y preguntas frecuentes.

Panel Members

dawson (1)

Glen R Dawson

Judge Glen R. Dawson served as a State District Court Judge for over 24 years from 1994 until he became a Senior Judge in January 2019. As a state court judge he presided over a variety of criminal, civil and domestic trials. He also served three yea...

Picture of Tenielle Brown

Teneille Brown

Teneille Brown is a Professor of Law at the S.J. Quinney College of Law and an adjunct in the Department of Internal Medicine. She graduated from the University of Michigan Law School, and completed three post-doctoral fellowships at Stanford. Her re...


Bud Cox

Bud Cox is a retired law enforcement professional. He has been retired for 10 plus years and is looking for an opportunity to stay connected with the Judicial System. Bud was elected as the Sheriff of Davis County, Utah serving as Sherif...


Chris Shaw

Christopher L. Shaw graduated from the J. Reuben Clark law school at Brigham Young University, cum laude, in April of 1984. He was admitted to the Utah Bar in October of 1984. He practiced privately for 23 years at the Ogden law firm of Gridley, Ward...


Marina B Lowe

Marina Baginsky Lowe is an advocate and lobbyist focused on civil liberties issues.  She currently represents the ACLU of Utah, as well as other non profits on issues such as LGBT rights, reproductive freedom and criminal justice po...


Stephen L Roth

Stephen L. Roth was appointed to the Utah Court of Appeals in March 2010 and served there until he retired in August 2017. Before that he served as a trial judge in the Third District Court from January 2002 until appointment to the Court of Appeals....


Ed Brass

BA political science The Ohio State University 1974
JD University of Utah College of Law  1977
Criminal defense attorney in private practice since 1977--


Adrienne Gillespie Andrews

Adrienne Gillespie Andrews is the Assistant Vice President for Diversity and Chief Diversity Officer at Weber State University. Adrienne holds both BA and MA degrees in Political Science and Women’...

Picture of Molly

Molly Davis

Molly Davis is a policy analyst specializing in criminal justice at Libertas Institute, a Utah think tank that works to change hearts, minds, and laws to build a freer society. At Libertas she has worked to help pass numerous laws alongside privat...


Paul G Maughan

Paul G. Maughan was appointed to the Third Judicial District Court in 1998 and served for eighteen years from. He became a senior judge in 2018 and served until 2021. During his service he presided over both criminal and civil matters. He attended...


Gary R Heward

Gary R. Heward is a life-long resident of Weber County. He graduated from Weber State University in 1982 with dual majors in Political Science and Criminal Justice. He earned his juris doctorate from the S.J. Quinney College of Law at the Universi...

Erin Jemison

Erin Jemison

Erin Jemison is the Director of Public Policy at the Utah Domestic Violence Coalition (UDVC). She has over 20 years of experience in the domestic and sexual violence field, including providing victim services, managing prevention education program...

Collateral Consequences

1. Nothing in these proceedings may operate to stay any other proceeding, deadline, or limitation period under the Postconviction Remedies Act, Title 78B, Chapter 9

2. Nothing in these proceedings will revive a claim under the Postconviction Remedies Act, Title 78B, Chapter 9


Below you will find both English and Español versions of the Conviction Integrity Units' (CIU) Review Request Form. Please choose your preferred language and click "View Form"/"Ver formulario" to begin the application process.


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