Davis Fund

The Davis Fund for Economic Development is a small business loan program designed to create jobs and help grow the Davis County economy by providing financing options to viable but non-traditional businesses.

The Davis Fund is managed by the County on behalf of the Davis County Council of Governments, Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit organization established in 1984, which is governed by a board of directors made up of the mayors and county commissioners of Davis County.

Who Can Apply?

The Davis Fund is open to businesses located in Davis County. If you are in need of funding, contact our staff to see if this is the right fit for your business.

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Use of Funds

If you are approved for a loan through the Davis Fund you can use the funding for FFE, working capital, inventory, construction or gap financing.

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State & Other Resources

There are many organizations and resources offered by the county and the state. See below for some of those helpful tools.

Government Funded Organizations

There are many organizations funded by the government that are there to help your business free of charge. Whether you are looking for funding, looking to expand into foreign markets or have another need, check out these different organizations

World Trade Center

Northfront Business Resource Center

The Business Resource Center provides quality educational, consulting and mentoring services for entrepreneurs in Davis and Morgan Counties.

Northfront Website

Corporate Incentives

Financial incentives are provided by the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development for business relocation and expansion.

GOED Website


Davis DUED

DUED is a group of business, academic and government leaders that are working together to unify Davis County Economic Development efforts.

DUED Mission

To unify Davis County economic development efforts by strengthening and growing industries unique to Davis County through strategic alignment with business, education and government stakeholders in order to create more jobs and elevate the community as a whole.

BERO Visits

BERO visits stands for Business Expansion Retention and Outreach. Our hope with these visits is to better help the businesses in our community with whatever needs they might have.


Council of Governments

Davis COG includes all of the mayors in the county as well as the HAFB Commander, a Davis County School Board member, and a Chamber of Commerce Member.

These individuals meet together on the third Wednesday of every month to talk about current and future issues and plans for our community. They also focus on allocation of transportation funds for the county.

Present To COG

Do you have something you would like to present to the COG Board? Contact us to discuss this possiblity.

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COG Board

The COG Board includes the county's 15 mayors as well as the Davis Chamber President, a member from the school district and the HAFB Colonel.

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RDA/CRA Grants

Each city has a Redevelopment Agency (RDA) whose primary goal is to encourage development by providing incentives to develop new or expanding development projects.  Each RDA works in close conjunction with the County to find Community Reinvestment Areas (CRA) that would not otherwise occur without assistance from a reinvestment of property taxes collectible in the CRA, such as might be need to install infrastructure, remove blight, and other obstacles on land with unusually high land costs. 

RDA/CRA Areas Map