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Body Art

Body Art

Body art is any body piercing, tattooing, permanent makeup, microblading, and/or micropigmentation.

Body Art Permit

Any facilities conducting body piercing, tattooing or permanent makeup need to obtain and Davis County Body Art operating permit.  This does not include ear piercing as defined in Section 4.8 of the Davis County Board of Health Body Art Regulation.

Bloodborne Pathogen Training Certificate

The department accepts bloodborne pathogen training from online training sites that teach specifically to tattoo and body piercing. This includes but is not limited to: Above Training, Compliance Training, Probloodborne, American Red Cross, and Bloodborne Certification.

Starting a Body Art Facility

To start a body art facility, you must:

  • Fill out a Body Art Application  
  • Pay the $100 permit fee
  • Submit plans of the facility to the Davis County Health Department (as detailed in Section 5.3.1 of the Davis County Board of Health Body Art Regulation)
  • Complete a pre-opening inspection prior to opening the facility
  • Provide proof of current Blood Borne Pathogen, First Aid, and CPR training

Prohibited Body Art Features

Scarification, branding, the use of a biopsy punch, suspension piercing, implantation of objects under the skin, any practice that is considered medical procedures by a state medical board which include using a knife, razor, or scalpel, and any form of unregulated invasive or extreme body modification which may emerge in the future.