Food Trucks

Food Trucks are defined as being fully enclosed trucks or trailers where the operator stands within the unit to serve or prepare food.  In the State of Utah, Food Trucks are permitted as either Primary or Secondary.

A Primary Food Truck Permit is issued to a food truck by the local health department that has jurisdiction wherein the majority of the food truck’s operations take place. The purpose of the Primary Food Truck Permit is to designate which health department will be responsible to conduct the plan review, approve the food truck to operate, approve and maintain the commissary agreement, and provide the majority of the regulatory oversight for the food truck.

A Secondary Food Truck Permit is issued to a food truck which intends to operate in a jurisdiction other than where it obtained its Primary Food Truck Permit. The jurisdiction issuing a Secondary Food Truck Permit will have a lesser role in the regulatory oversight of the food truck.

The fees associated with operating a Food Truck depend on the risk category and whether they conduct the majority of their business in Davis County. Primary Food Truck Permits expire on December 31st of the year they are issued.  Secondary Food Truck Permits expire on the expiration date listed on their Primary Food Truck Permit.

Type of Permit

Risk Category

Permit Fee

Plan Review Fee

Primary Food Truck

Tier 1



Primary Food Truck

Tier 2



Secondary Food Truck

Tiers 1 & 2


Not Applicable

In order to find out more or to access a list of general requirements for Food Trucks please refer to the Food Trucks FAQ and Food Trucks General Guidelines. 

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