Online Candidate Information

Guidelines for Statement of Qualifications

The statement of qualifications limit is 1150 characters or approximately 200 words. Submissions will be posted exactly as they are submitted to the County and Davis County accepts no responsibility for typos or other errors submitted by the candidate.  Davis County does not validate nor guarantee the accuracy of any statement provided by the candidate in their submission; the candidate assumes all liability for submitting false statements. Davis County reserves the right to refuse to publish any statement of qualifications it determines as inappropriate in part or in whole and if deemed inappropriate, the County will provide the candidate with an opportunity to revise  the statement in a reasonable time. 
Guidelines for Photograph

Photographs should be formatted in a JPEG, PNG or GIF format.  Photographs should be of the candidate only; additional persons will be cropped out of the posted image.  Photographs deemed inappropriate or derogatory in any way will not be posted, but the candidate will be provided an opportunity to submit a new photograph to be posted.   
Candidate Photo

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