County Organization

The following is copied from the Davis County Annual Financial Report, for the Year Ended December 31, 2006.

A three-member elected Board of Commissioners is the governing body. All Commissioners serve four-year terms, which overlap to enhance continuity for the governing board. Department Heads reporting to the Commissioners serve as exempt (appointed) non-merit employees. According to Utah Code 17-53-106, County Commissioners have general oversight to insure compliance with County rules, policies and ordinances. Seven other Elected Officials have authority to direct and supervise their respective elected offices and their Deputies while performing the professional duties to which they were elected.

Commissioners approve the adoption and amendments to the budget; they also serve as the legislative body, the property tax Board of Equalization, and regulate business licensing in the unincorporated areas of the County.

The seven other elected officials all serve four-year terms and are eligible for re-election in the same County-wide elections as the Commissioners. Chief Deputies serving each of these elected officials are also exempt (appointed) non-merit employees.

Administrative Officers reporting to the Commissioners serve as exempt (appointed) non-merit employees. These individuals are responsible for the daily management of the various services and programs provided by these officers within the County.

The Clerk/Auditor serves as the chief financial and budget officer of the County and administers the County financial system. The County Treasurer is responsible for the collection, safekeeping, and investing of all County funds. The County Commission, Clerk/Auditor, and Treasurer work together to insure compliance required by the Utah Fiscal Procedures Act.    


The County provides a diversified range of county-wide services as well as certain municipal type services which are provided only in the unincorporated areas of the County.

Examples of county-wide services include the following:
    General government services provided by the elected officials such as property tax assessing and collecting, auditing, budgeting, elections, marriage licenses, passports, real estate records, surveying, criminal justice services, and ordinance enactment and enforcement.

    Educational Services (such as libraries and agricultural extension)

    Social Service (such as senior programs)

    Recreation and tourism services (such as golf courses, tourism and travel facilities, County Fair activities)

    County support services (such as human resources, information systems, finance, purchasing and facilities management)

    Public Safety services (such as correctional facilities, emergency 911, police protection, paramedic and ambulance, emergency medical, and animal control)

    Public Health services (such as mental health and substance abuse – provided by contract, clinical, nursing, dental health, vehicle inspection and maintenance, environmental health, and also health education and promotion)

    Public Works services (such as flood control and noxious weeds)
Municipal type services include fire protection, public works (road construction and maintenance), building inspection, and business licenses. These services are funded by property and sales taxes and user fees generated by the citizens of the unincorporated are of the County. They are accounted for in the Special Service Area Fund. 

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