Fun Facts


If I were President I would...

  • Make sure everyone is treated fairly. 
    Sadie, 11
  • Pay teachers more money.
    Konner, 10
  • I would do what the citizens want.
    Cameron, 10
  • Make it so our parents would not have to pay as much taxes and I would make food less expensive. 
    Camille, 11
  • I would have world peace.
    Liandra, 13
  • I would let everyone give me ideas. 
    Brooklyn, age 10
  • I would make the world a better place. 
    Gavin, age 8
  • I would make sure I'm doing the right thing. 
    Marshall, age 13
  • I would build gates on the roads so peoples cars won't fall off. 
    Sydney, age 5

important because

  • Bring the world together
    Jessica, 13
  • So all the people can have the right to give their opinion.
    Camille, 11
  • So people won't fight and there won't be any war. 
    Kenzie, age 6
  • You can be involved in getting new ideas for our country and helping to keep our country safe. 
    Hailey, age 10
  • You want to get it right because they are going to run our whole country. So it is up to you to choose the right person for the job. 
    Riley , age 11

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