Nuisance Odor

What is a Nuisance Odor?

Our Board of Health (BOH) Housing Regulation defines a Nuisance Odor as any offensive odors created by the accumulation, collection, disposal, management, mismanagement, or storage of solid waste within 300 feet of any dwelling.  Odors caused by wastewater are addressed directly under our BOH Wastewater Regulation.  Any odors caused by open burning are addressed under our BOH Open Burning Regulation.

To whom do I talk about nuisance odors in a residential area?

Our Board of Health (BOH) Housing Regulation addresses Nuisance Odors as defined above.

For other issues not addressed by our Housing regulation contact the responsible entity:

Responsible Entity

Odors Emitted from a Stack,
including Wood Burning Stoves

Utah Division of Air Quality – 801-536-4000

Odors Generated in a
Commercial or Industrial Facility

Local Zoning Official or Code Enforcement Officer

What services does the Health Department provide?

We may do an inspection and provide documentation of findings or conditions on a property and issue a notice, if applicable.  If the odors are not detectable off the owner’s property we will not take action.

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