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Other reportable diseases that do not fall under a specific identified category include hepatitis C infections, antibiotic-resistant organisms, and invasive diseases like meningitis, encephalitis, or invasive streptococcal diseases.

Hepatitis C infections are a commonly reported infection in Davis County.  Hepatitis C is a disease caused by a virus that infects the liver.  Over time, it can cause liver damage including cirrhosis, liver failure, and cancer.  The virus is predominantly spread by exposure to contaminated blood, commonly through sharing needles or syringes to inject drugs.  Sexual transmission is also possible.  The virus cannot be spread through casual contact including kissing, sneezing, hugging, sharing glasses/utensils, or breastfeeding.

In 2017, Davis County received reports on 129 cases of hepatitis C.  

Hepatitis C virus
Due to the overuse of antibiotics in humans and animals, multidrug-resistant antibiotic organisms (MDROs) are becoming more of a pressing public health issue.  Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CREs) are particularly concerning as some of these bacteria have developed resistance to most available antibiotics.  CRE infections are difficult to treat, can spread quickly, and can contribute to death in those who become infected.  Although these organisms are rare, they are being identified more often in health care facilities throughout the United States.


Other Reportable Disease/Conditions, Davis County, 2017

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The most common invasive diseases reported in Davis County in 2017 were invasive streptococcal infections with 100 (72.5%) cases. The majority of these cases were due to strains that do not require an investigation or the implementation of public health control measures.  

Invasive Diseases, Davis County, 2017


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