Vaccine-Preventable Disease (VPD) Highlights

Vaccine-preventable diseases (VPDs) are diseases that are preventable through the use of immunizations. Immunizations are the most effective step in protecting the community against VPDs.  However, these diseases still occur because of importation, vaccine failure or disease breakthrough, and incomplete or no vaccinations.

In 2016, hospitalized influenza was the most commonly reported VPD with 133 cases (61.6%), followed by Hepatitis B with 34 cases (15.7%), pertussis with 24 cases (11.1%), chickenpox with 23 cases (10.6%), Hepatitis A with one case (<1%), and mumps with one case (<1%).

Vaccine-Preventable Diseases, Davis County, 2016


The incidence of VPDs is highest among children and the elderly.  Influenza especially affected the elderly population this season.  

Incidence of VPDs by Age Group, Davis County, 2016


Vaccine-preventable diseases (particularly pertussis and chickenpox) are usually reported more frequently during the school year.  Influenza season typically begins in December and peaks during January or February.  However, the 2015-16 influenza season was an exception as cases peaked during March 2016. 

VPDs by Month Reported, Davis County, 2016


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