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Justice Court

Frequently Asked Questions

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What Clerks can and cannot do for you?
We Can
  • Explain and answer questions about how the court works
  • Give you general information about court rules, procedures and practices
  • Give You information from your case file
We Cannot
  • Tell you whether or not you should bring your case to court
  • Tell you what words to use in your court papers
  • Tell you what to say in court
  • Give you an opinion as to what will happen if you bring your case to court
  • Talk to the Judge for you
  • Let you talk to the Judge outside of court
  • Change an order signed by the Judge
When can I come to court?
Can I bring my children to Court?
How much is my ticket?
The following is a partial list of the bail amounts for the most commonly cited offenses.
Do you accept Credit Cards?
When is my Divorce Final?
All divorce proceedings are handled in District Court
What is the telephone number for...?
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