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General Information

About the Recorder’s office

The Davis County Recorder is an elected official whose office and duties are mandated by the Utah State Legislature and governed by state law. The main function of the office is to keep the real property (land) records for Davis County and provide the county assessor and county treasurer with information necessary for assessment and taxation.

All Information on file in the County Recorder's office is public information and may be viewed and utilized by the general public. The following are examples of some of the specific data the office maintains: Property ownership (title), dimensions, acreage, legal description and history of each of the approximately 106,000 parcels of land within the Davis County limits. Also available is such information as taxing, sewer & water special assessment district boundaries, city limits and subdivision plats and dedication information. The office keeps an up to date map (plat) set of the entire county as well as complete indexes (called abstracts or histories) for all parcels of land. The Recorder's office also maintains other miscellaneous items such as: workman's and mechanic's liens, water claims, federal tax liens and Military Discharges (DD Form 214).

Information about taxing values for all improvements such as structures, infrastructure, etc. is maintained by the County Assessor's office.


Services Offered

The County Recorder's office contains the historical land records for Davis County from 1870 to the present. Records since 1981 are computerized and microfilmed, prior records reside in book format. All records are open to the public for inspection. Department personnel can help patrons who come into the office with current ownership and other current information such as size, location and dimensions. They can also assist patrons in getting started with historical searches. Employees are not permitted to search the records on behalf of patrons. Telephone requests for limited information such as parcel ID numbers, current ownership, acreage or limited recording information can be honored. Requests for metes and bounds legal descriptions or dimensions will not be honored over the telephone. Requests for summation of the condition of title, or opinions as to matters contained in the records will not be honored.

Such items as computerized abstract printouts and ownership screens, recorded document copies, plat maps and subdivision maps, are available in the office for nominal fees. See the "Fees" section for a price list.

Abstracts and many other records, including document and plat images, since 1981 are also available over the internet on a subscription basis. Please contact Davis County's Information Systems department at 451-3347 for fees and application information


Forms of exchange

The Davis County Recorder’s office currently accepts cash and checks.

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