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If you are not yet a REDI Web user, and would like to sign up for REDI Web, please fill out and return both copies of the REDI Web Internet Connection User Agreement


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If you would like help navigating and using Redi Web please download this informative PDF that will guide you through the process of using the application.

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What is it?

REDI Web is an online subscription service that gives access to property-related documents that have been recorded in Davis County. There are two levels of service on REDI Web – “Without Images” gives you all of the information pertaining to each document while “With Images” allows you to actually view the documents themselves. When you search on REDI Web, charges accrue each time you search for something – even if the search produces no results. Because of this, it is recommended that you have as much information about the property as you can before you begin your REDI Web search. Note: Please refer to your contract for document search pricing.

What it will do?

A subscription to REDI Web allows access to Abstracts, Documents, Plat Maps, Tie Sheets and Survey Indexes for a specific parcel. At this point in time, documents go back to about 1983.

What it won’t do.

REDI Web will not perform general searches - it has to be property specific. For example, you can’t search for all plat maps or all default notices, etc. You have to have a parcel number or owner’s name or address or entry number. Once you bring up an Abstract of the property, documentation is fairly easy to find.

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