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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

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Can background checks be requested through your Office?
››We only perform background checks for our jurisdiction of current warrants or criminal processes.  For other situations such as missions, international travel, adoptions and citizenship applications, a letter is provided at no charge.  You must apply for the letter in person with proper identification; a driver’s license may be sufficient.  If you require a statewide background check, you should contact the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) located at 3888 West 5400 South, Kearns, UT  84188, telephone number (801) 965-4445.

What is the process to expunge a record?
››You must contact the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI).  Forms, telephone number and address can be found at  You may print the forms for mailing or personal delivery.  Once you receive your Certificate of Expungement and Order for Expungement signed by the judge, you must bring or mail in the documents to our Office for processing.  Our Office staff can expunge only the records for jail bookings and arrests made by Davis County Sheriff’s Office deputies.

Does the Davis County Sheriff’s Office fingerprint?
››Yes.  Fingerprints can be taken on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 10:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.  You must either live, be applying for a job in Davis County or be currently working in the jurisdiction of Davis County for us to fingerprint.  The only exception is for adoption or foster care purposes in which you must go to the city of jurisdiction in which you live regardless of where you work.

Is there a fee to be fingerprinted?
››Yes.  The fee is $10 (cash only).  All cards must be completed in black ink only.  You must have current government issued picture identification.  Acceptable forms of identification include State Driver’s License, Utah State Identification Card or U.S. Passport.

How do we get our car out of impound if the person driving the car is incarcerated in your facility?
››The incarcerated inmate must complete a property release form authorizing Davis County Sheriff’s Office to release the Utah State Tax Commission Impound Form TC-540 to you.  You must have current government issued picture identification.  Acceptable forms of identification include State Driver’s License, Utah State Identification Card or U.S. Passport.  The Form TC-540 must be taken to the Department of Motor Vehicles.  You will pay an impound fee for which you will receive a form identifying the towing company you need to take the form to.  You must then pay any towing and storage fees before they will release the vehicle.

If the car belongs to me but someone else was driving it will I be able to get it out of impound?
››Follow the above instructions or contact the DMV for their requirements.  Telephone number is 1-800-DMV-UTAH or (801) 297-7780.   If you are the registered owner and if you have the number of the TC-540 form, the DMV will allow you to pay the fees to get the car out of impound if you have proof you are a registered owner.  Contact the DMV for instructions and requirements.

How do I request a police report?
››You must fill out a Government Records Access Management Act (GRAMA) request form. They are available in the Sheriff’s lobby. All information on the form must be filled out completely. You must have current government issued picture identification.  Acceptable forms of identification include State Driver’s License, Utah State Identification Card or U.S. Passport.  We cannot accept e-mail, fax or phone requests unless you are out of state.  In that case, call (801) 451-4100 for information and instructions.
  1. What is the cost?  There is a $10 processing fee per police report and $.25 per page for any other documentation. You will receive an estimate of the cost if you are requesting a report that will exceed what we consider a reasonable amount. We accept cash only.
  2. Can someone else get the report for me?  According to GRAMA law, certain people can get certain information but everyone can get the public information. However, if you are a victim or subject of a record, etc., you may be able to get more information.
  3. Will I get the report when I request it?  It depends on the type of report and other variables. GRAMA law gives us 10 working days to get the information back to you. Through GRAMA law there are reasons reports can be denied.  If denied, you will receive a denial letter stating the reason and your appeal options.

What is the number to the Farmington Courts?
››There are three Courts located in Farmington: District Court at (801) 447-3800, Justice Court at (801) 451-4488 and Juvenile Court at (801) 451-4900.

Sex and Kidnap Offender Registry?
››Starting August 1, 2009, offenders who are “off-paper” (no longer under supervision or whose conviction is from another jurisdiction) MUST register with the police department/Sheriff’s Office that has jurisdiction over the area where the offender resides. 

Registrant must submit the following information to the registering agency:

  • Names and aliases
  • Primary and secondary addresses
  • Physical description
  • Vehicles the offender owns or regularly drives, including make, model, color, year, plate #, and VIN #
  • Current photograph
  • Set of fingerprints, if not already provided
  • DNA specimen taken in accordance with Section 53-10-404
  • Telephone numbers whether hard line or cell
  • Copy of passport
  • Any documents which establish the offender’s immigration status
  • Professional licenses authorizing an offender to engage in an occupation or carry out a trade or business, including numbers
  • Educational institution affiliation (student, vocation, employed)
  • Name and address of any place where the offender is or will be employed
  • Social Security Number


Registrants can go to the jail lobby at the Davis County Justice Complex, 800 West State Street, Farmington, Utah.  The hours are 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday excluding holidays.  Click here to download the Davis County Sex/Kidnap Offender Registration Form.

The Sex Offender Registry can be located at:   

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