Board of Equalization

The Davis County Commission is the Board of Equalization (BoE). As the BoE they make all final decisions regarding the adjustment and equalization of real and personal property values and assessments in Davis County. They review the recommendations and findings of Hearing Officers appointed by the BoE.

The Davis County Clerk/Auditor mails a "Notice of Assessors' Property Market Valuation" at the end of July each year. If you disagree with the market value of your property as stated on that notice, you may appeal the value with the BoE, at the Tax Administration office. 

You may contact us:

By phone at 801-451-3367 or 801-451-3329

or write to us at:

Davis County Board of Equalization
Tax Administration Office
P.O. Box 618, Room 101
Farmington, Utah 84025

Instructions for Completing a Request for Review of Market Value Application

NOTE: You may only appeal the market value placed on the property, not the tax rate.

Property Owners Name: Required. Only the current owner of the property or their agent may appeal.

Mailing Address: Current mailing address of the property owner.

Market Value: The market value for the current year as shown on the Valuation Notice.

Property Serial Number: Required. The property serial number of the property being appealed, located on the Valuation Notice.

Day Time Phone Number: Required. A current phone number to contact the owner.

Address of Property: This is only needed if the mailing address is different than the property address.

Owner' Statement of Fair Market Value: Required. The value of the property as of January 1st of the current year as supported by the evidence you've submitted.


A. A complete copy of closing documents signed by the Title Agent.

B. A complete copy of an appraisal signed by a Certified Appraiser.

C. Sale of 3 or more comparable properties as close to January 1st of the current year as possible.

D. Income Approach to Value: Used by commercial, industrial or rental properties.

E. Factual error in Assessor's data. Used for square footage difference, no basement, car port versus garage. Difference in value is not a factual error. You must submit supporting documentation.

Signature of Owner or Agent: Required.

Authorization to Represent Owner: Only required if an agent is filing on the owners behalf. The owner must sign the application and it must be notarized.


Please call Cheri at 801-451-3329 until i get the instructions for the Web.
This Personal Property Penalty Waiver Appeal application must be filed with the Board of Equalization within (30) calendar days of notification of penalty. 
Please hand deliver application to:
                                                     Tax Administration 
                                                     61 South Main Street, Room 101
                                                     Farmington,  UT 84025
Or Mail to: 
                                                     Tax Administration 
                                                     PO Box 618, Room 101
                                                     Farmington,  UT  84025

Contact Information

Physical Address
Davis County Administration Building
Tax Administration Department
Tax Appeals Office, Room 101
61 South Main Street
Farmington, Utah 84025

Mailing Address
Davis County Tax Administration
P.O. Box 618, Room 101
Farmington, Utah 84025

Phone Numbers
(801) 451-3367 :: Main
(801) 451-3329 :: Alternate
(801) 451-3511 :: Fax


Monday – Friday
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (except legal holidays)

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