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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why did I receive a tax notice if my MORTGAGE COMPANY is supposed to pay my taxes?
The Treasurers office is required by law to notify you as the taxpayer/landowner what taxing entities receive your taxes. You will also notice there is a statement on the OUTSIDE of the FRONT COVER (above your address) which addresses this question. You can also verify whether or not your taxes have been paid by looking at the website and click on "Davis County Tax Record Search" and putting in your land serial number. (without dashes). Most mortgage companies use a third party tax service to pay your taxes to Davis County. If you have contacted your mortgage company and they say they have already paid your taxes, in reality they may have forwarded your tax payment to the third party tax service and the tax service has not yet paid Davis County your taxes. The above website is updated daily, so your payment will show paid within 24 hours of Davis County's receipt of your payment.
There is a statement on the TAX NOTICE that says I can pay my property taxes on-line. What credit cards are accepted?
Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Cards are accepted. You may also choose to pay by electronic check. You can get more information about this service without completing the transaction by going to the Davis County Online Property Tax Payments page.
Why is the credit card fee so high on the on-line payment option?
This fee represents the fee charged for the credit card fee transaction. The fee does not come to Davis County. It is paid to the credit card company. In most credit card transactions the fee is paid for from the price of the goods or services. However, Davis County cannot afford to absorb this fee from taxes, nor are we willing to raise taxes in order to be able to pay the fee from higher taxes.
If I pay after the deadline, how much will it cost me?
If you send your payment in after November 30 there will be a penalty of the greater of $10.00 or 2 1/2% of the tax due for each individual parcel. For any tax due of $400.00 or less, the penalty is $10.00. For over $400.00 the penalty is 2 1/2%. However, if the entire tax that was due IS PAID IN FULL on or before January 31 immediately following the date of delinquency the penalty will be reduced to the greater of $10.00 or 1% of the tax for each individual parcel. If the tax is not paid by January 31 of the year following the date the tax is due there will be interest effective January 1 following the original due date. The interest rate is set by Utah law, based on the Federal Funds discount rate as of January 1, with a minimum rate of 7.0% and a maximum rate of 10%.
When did Davis County stop collecting motor vehicle fees?
The Davis County Treasurer no longer administers collection of motor vehicle fees for registration or renewal, effective July 1, 2002. The State Tax Commission, Motor Vehicle division, is responsible for collecting these fees. The telephone numbers for the State Tax Commission, Motor Vehicle division are: 1-800-DMV-UTAH (1-800-368-8824) or 297-7780 in the Salt Lake calling area. The Utah State DMV rented from Davis County at the old historic courthouse until October 2007, at which time they moved to 969 West Clark Lane, Farmington (just west of the Davis Justice complex and Farmington Bay Youth Center
I filed an appeal of the value on my property after I received the VALUATION NOTICE and I haven't heard anything. Does this TAX NOTICE mean my appeal was denied?
Not necessarily. It is likely the appeal may still be pending. If you have questions, you can call the Clerk/Auditor office at (801)451-3329 to check on the status of your appeal.
I don't have secondary or irrigation water, so why do I pay taxes to Weber Basin Water?
Weber Basin Water is the repayment entity for the construction of the Weber Basin Water Project, built by the Bureau of Reclamation. This project was voted on and passed. The project is for reservoirs, pipelines and other infrastructure for water deliver in Davis, Weber, Morgan, and parts of Summit and Box Elder counties. This system is not only for secondary or irrigation water but for culinary/drinking water, also. The system benefits all taxpayers in these counties.
I just purchased the property earlier this year. Am I responsible to pay for these taxes for the entire year?
When you purchased the property you probably closed through a title company or escrow agency. Generally, you are credited for the taxes from the seller from Jan. 1 to the date of closing. You should be able to verify this with your closing documents or contact the company that handled the closing. If you did not use a third party to do the closing and you did not collect taxes from the seller you are responsible to pay the taxes.
Why is the address on the envelope for my tax payment to you in Salt Lake City?
The address on the payment envelope is to the processing center of our bank. This process benefits all taxpayers by having tax payments deposited more quickly and efficiently to our bank account. The process is much more automated and costs taxpayers less than if employees of the Treasurer's office manually processed the tax payments. However, any correspondence or payments made without the original payment stub from the original Tax Notice, and all payments not paid in November of each year must be sent to: Davis County Treasurer P.O. Box 618 Farmington, UT 84025-0618.
Can I pay delinquent taxes on-line?
Yes. You can get there by going to the Davis County Online Property Tax Payments page. Most major credit cards are accepted OR there is an electronic check option. With credit card payments there is a fee passed on to the payer. With the electronic check option there is no fee to the payer.
My Mortgage Company told me they deducted my taxes from my escrow several days or weeks ago. Why does Davis County not show my taxes paid?
Most mortgage companies do not send tax payments directly to Davis County. Most of the mortgage companies use a third party Tax Service. The mortgage companies send the taxes to the tax service, who then sends them to Davis County. It takes several days for the tax service companies make sure the payments balance to the amounts due. Therefore, even though your taxes have been deducted from your escrow with the mortgage company, the taxes haven't been forwarded by the Tax Service company. The Davis County website updates tax payments within 24 hours of receipt of the payment.
I would like information about making monthly prepayments on my property taxes.

Davis County offers two options for making property taxes monthly. THIS PROGRAM IS FOR PREPAYING TAXES. The two options are coupons or ACH (automatic financial institution) withdraws. With either option, payments start in January of the year taxes are due in November. The amount of the payment is 1/10th of the prior year total tax, rounded to the nearest dollar. There are nine payments, January through September. (There is no payment in October in order for all payments to show on the Tax Notice). With the coupon option, the payment shows due on the 5th of each month.

With the ACH/automatic withdraw option, the taxpayer chooses either the 5th or 20th of the month. A Prepayment Authorization Form must be completed and sent to the Davis County Treasurer to enroll. The address is on the form.

>> Download Prepayment Authorization Form

The payments will be deducted from the designated account on the chosen date, January through September. (There is no payment in October in order for all payments to show on the Tax Notice). Those who participate in the ACH/automatic withdraw option will receive a PREPAYMENT AUTHORIZATION FORM on the bottom of the Tax Notice, instead of a payment stub.


The form will authorize the Davis County Treasurer to deduct the final balance of tax due on November 30 (or the due date if November 30 is on a weekend) AND start the prepayments the following January. The Prepayment Authorization Form discloses the amount of the final tax payment and the amount of the monthly payment for the next year.


When are property taxes for Davis County Due?
Property taxes are due November 30 each year. However, if November 30 is on a weekend or holiday, the due date is the next business day following November 30 (i.e. If November 30 is on a Saturday, the due date would be December 2; If November 30 is on a Sunday, the due date would be December 1. Davis County and other counties in Utah only have one payment date each year, unlike some other states that have multiple due dates. On-line and IVR tax payments are delinquent after 5:00 p.m. on the due date deadline.
What period do the property taxes cover?
Each years property tax payment covers the calendar year in which the taxes are due. For example, taxes due November 30, 2012 cover taxes from January 1, 2012 through December 31, 2012.
If I am mailing my tax payment, when must the payment be sent?
Tax payment that are mailed must be postmarked on or before the tax deadline. For example, if the deadline is November 30, tax payments postmarked on or before November 30 are considered paid on time.

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