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Purpose and Proposition


Animal Care of Davis County’s Community Cats program works to manage, control, and improve the lives of free-roaming cats in our community.


Community cats are cats that live outdoors in the community. These are typically feral cats that have no interest in humans, and avoid contact. Modern animal shelters have realized that our facilities are not necessarily the best place for cats, especially cats used to living outdoors. The practice known as trap-neuter-return (TNR) is based on the idea that if these community cats were doing well before entering the shelter, they will do well if they are returned, finding food and support from people in that neighborhood.  Our role is to make sure they are sterilized (spayed/neutered) and vaccinated.







Meet Your Community Cat Officer!

Officer Flocken
Officer Flocken has been the Community Cat Officer for Animal Care of Davis County since April of 2021. He is ready to assist our citizens with spay/neuter assistance for community cats, deterrent options, and any questions you may have!

Need assistance with community cats?
>> jflocken@co.davis.ut.us
>> 801-444-2200

Community Cats Programs that Work

Learn more about a great Community Cats Program by Animal Humane Society in Minnesota that is working well.  While we don't run our program the same way they do they have some great FAQ's that answer the same questions about our program.

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National Animal Control Association

Statement on TNR from National Animal Control Association.

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What are Community Cats

Learn more about Community Cats from the Best Friends Animal Society.

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